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I am a runner who does NOT fit into the stereotypical body type of a runner. I have hips, a bum, thighs, and breasts. I jiggle all over the place no matter how much spandex I put on, and my gut usually hangs over my shorts. I work in the mental health field, and have a passion for inciting outrage regarding the media's portrayal of women, their bodies, and their abilities. I am a beautiful woman who sometimes struggles to remember it. I am a runner who sometimes feels more like a slogger.


I have the spirit of a runner inside me that just won't let me quit- no matter how much I sometimes would like to! Physically, I certainly have many of the things Chrys mentions up there- hips, thighs, bum, boobs, tummy, all of it- and Lord knows all of it likes to jiggle around while I do just about anything, especially running! I am passionate about body image, the Health at Every Size & Size Acceptance movements, and love finding inspiration in as many places as possible. Working as a therapist, one of my personal goals is to live as in-line with my values as I possibly can- this blog is one of the ways I figure all that out.

Join us on out adventures in running and ramblings on Body Image.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Grateful for Human Nature

This is a bit of a delayed post from Thursday.  I recently joined a meetup group for running.  Unfortunately my two best running buds has injuries and I haven't really run with them in... well... way too long.  So I need some new running buddies and I thought it would be a good place to go.  While I had trouble finding an existing run that fit my needs, I decided to start my own :-)  We are doing Couch to 5k and meeting Tues and Thurs mornings, and doing the third run on our own.  Unfortunately, with the holidays and the headaches I mentioned in my previous post, I have missed a few runs and was DREADING this Thursdays run.  By my calculation the two other girls I am running with should have been on Week 4 Day 1 (W4D1).  I had done W3D1, unsuccesfully, and W3D2 more successfully at the gym.  I was DREADING W4D1!!!! I didn't feel ready at all!!!!  Luckily, I am not the only one who falls prey to human nature and my partner needed to be working on week three as well!  Yay!  We did W3D1 (again, for me) and it felt MUCH better this time.  I am planning to do W3D3 this weekend and we will tackle W4D1 on Tuesday.  It's gonna be a killer - 5 min block of solid running.  (oh how the mighty have fallen, lol!)

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