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Friday, September 2, 2011

Too Pretty to do Homework

My friends, being my friends, often know the sorts of things that I like to get pissed off about, and last night they surely delivered. My good friend Arielle sent me this link last night, and then I saw some other people had posted about it on facebook this morning.

The link and the posts were about this shirt, which came to us thanks to JC Penny:

Now. This didn’t piss me off nearly as much as Urban Outfitters did back in the day…. But I am still pretty appalled. First I should say that J.C. Penny DID do a good job by listening to consumers and listening to consumers quickly. They took the shirt off the shelves rather quickly, and issued an apology statement (or, as close to an apology that you will get from a large retail company.) But I am still appalled that this shirt made it to the racks in the first place.

Let’s think about the messages that this shirt sends.

1. Pretty girls don’t have to do homework
2. Because homework is lame.
3. Boys are good to use for completion of lame tasks. Like homework.
4. Boys are good at school.
5. Because ugly girls are not pretty, they have to do lame tasks
6. Like homework. Ugly girls do homework.
7. So smart girls are ugly.
8. Being pretty is way more important than school.
9. Who really cares about school anyhow?
10. Being interested in school is lame
11. Or at least being interested in school is for boys.

Seriously? Is there no mother or father of a young girl in whatever department of J.C. Penny chooses what they will carry in their stores? Did they not think about what sort of message this is giving a young girl aged 7-14?

End Rant.

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