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I am a runner who does NOT fit into the stereotypical body type of a runner. I have hips, a bum, thighs, and breasts. I jiggle all over the place no matter how much spandex I put on, and my gut usually hangs over my shorts. I work in the mental health field, and have a passion for inciting outrage regarding the media's portrayal of women, their bodies, and their abilities. I am a beautiful woman who sometimes struggles to remember it. I am a runner who sometimes feels more like a slogger.


I have the spirit of a runner inside me that just won't let me quit- no matter how much I sometimes would like to! Physically, I certainly have many of the things Chrys mentions up there- hips, thighs, bum, boobs, tummy, all of it- and Lord knows all of it likes to jiggle around while I do just about anything, especially running! I am passionate about body image, the Health at Every Size & Size Acceptance movements, and love finding inspiration in as many places as possible. Working as a therapist, one of my personal goals is to live as in-line with my values as I possibly can- this blog is one of the ways I figure all that out.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Oh Dear! It's been a while since either Rachel or I have posted, huh? Hopefully we will not be so negletful in the future!

The Holiday Season always makes me think of all the things that I am grateful for, and this year I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how grateful I am for the fact that I can run, and wanting to commit myself to remembering that on a daily basis.

My sister ran her first marathon, The Marine Corps Marathon, this year. I have to admit, I was jealous of her an her commitment and ability - especially as she ran her marathon at a faster pace than I run 5ks! Unfortunately, she hurt herself during the marathon, and currently is unable to run per doctors orders. Bye Bye Jealousy!!!!

Anyhow - I am trying to think of ways to make sure to keep my ability to run in perspective as I get back on training for The Disney Princess Half Marathon on my birthday. Yeah, I just took two weeks off of training because of the holidays and being busy. Yeah, I am slow as molasses. But seriously! I can run! I ran 3 miles, walked a half, and ran 3 miles on my last run. There were many years that I could not do this because of ability and/or health reasons. I ran a half marathon in less than 3 hours! I am training to run another! Those are entirely amazing things!

I plan to remind myself of these things every time I start to get down about my times/slow buildup/having people around me who are SOOOO much "better" (read: faster, able to run longer) than me. Just as with other things, I think this will take time and commitment to turn this into a habit. I think I will post a sticky at my computer so when I upload my runs (with my new garmin with gps!!!) to my computer it will remind me to be gentle/remind myself of how awesome my body is. Other ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

So.... to practice in the here and now.... I am grateful for the following things:

My lungs which provide me oxygen to breath, to run, to live.
My asthma meds which help my lungs to do the afforementioned tasks.
My legs that allow me to play with my puppies, climb stairs, etc, etc
My arms that allow me to pick up children, hug my husband, and generally be an independant adult.
My job, which allows me to help people while earning a paycheck that helps me to live a lifestyle I enjoy
My friends, family, and peers who are supportive and awesome in all sorts of crazy ways.
My health, both mental and physical. While I have my issues, I am in no way shape or form debilitated, and that is amazing, and a blessing.
I am grateful that I am a runner. I am grateful that I am a wife and a daughter and a sister. I am grateful that I am awesome.

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