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I am a runner who does NOT fit into the stereotypical body type of a runner. I have hips, a bum, thighs, and breasts. I jiggle all over the place no matter how much spandex I put on, and my gut usually hangs over my shorts. I work in the mental health field, and have a passion for inciting outrage regarding the media's portrayal of women, their bodies, and their abilities. I am a beautiful woman who sometimes struggles to remember it. I am a runner who sometimes feels more like a slogger.


I have the spirit of a runner inside me that just won't let me quit- no matter how much I sometimes would like to! Physically, I certainly have many of the things Chrys mentions up there- hips, thighs, bum, boobs, tummy, all of it- and Lord knows all of it likes to jiggle around while I do just about anything, especially running! I am passionate about body image, the Health at Every Size & Size Acceptance movements, and love finding inspiration in as many places as possible. Working as a therapist, one of my personal goals is to live as in-line with my values as I possibly can- this blog is one of the ways I figure all that out.

Join us on out adventures in running and ramblings on Body Image.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Impetus

This blog has been a long time coming.

First, I guess you could call me an exhibitionist of sorts. I have the strong feeling (despite any real cause to believe so) that I have things to share with the world. Growing up in the age of the internet, the blog is the obvious answer to the conondrum of how to get my voice heard by the masses.

Second, I enjoy being a rabble rouser. While this tendancy has calmed significantly with age, I still think back fondly on protesting the wrongs of the government, pissing off teachers by making sure that "the other side of the story" was given time in class, and generally exposing media BS for what it is - propaganda designed to make us feel bad about ourselves so we think we need to buy more crap.

Third, body image has been a hot button topic for me since I was a youngster. I have struggled with body image throughout most of my life, and working in the mental health field has made my passion for rousing the rabble in this domain even stronger.

Fourth (and lastly for now), Running. Oh, Running. Running and I have a rather sordid history. Running is my frienemy, who I have loved and loathed and wanted in my life and wanted to never see again. My identity as "a runner" has taken me a long time to really feel like I can embrace it. Its an identity I have coveted and eschewed at various points in my life, and one which I know can say "Yeah. Thats part of who I am. Even if I am not so fast or strong or cant run very long. I run enough and think about running enough that I am a runner."

So... Here it is. The beginning of my blog. I have talked with a co-worker of mine about co-blogging with me, so hopefully we will shortly have two contributors!

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